Role: UX/UI Designer
Tasks: Research, Persona, User Flow, UX Theme, Style Guide Information Architecture, Prototyping
Tools: Figma, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Miro
Team Size: 4

Project Overview

Tagline: Empowering Project Owners, Building Futures

This project involves the comprehensive redesign of the Owner Insite website to deliver an improved, intuitive user experience.

The redesigned website will clearly articulate the value proposition of its construction management software, detailing its key features and demonstrating its benefits.

We aim to design an easy-to-navigate website rich with engaging content like client testimonials, case studies, and interactive demos to help potential clients understand the software’s utility and impact. Furthermore, a dedicated support section will be developed to address user queries promptly.

This redesign project seeks to provide a seamless online journey for project owners and managers from the public and private sectors, making it easier for them to discover, understand, and reach out to Owner Insite.

Proposed Solution

The solution would completely redesign the Owner Insite website, emphasizing intuitiveness, ease of navigation, and visual appeal. We would highlight the features and benefits of their construction management software, aligning with the needs of project owners and managers. Furthermore, we’d incorporate engaging and informative content, like client testimonials and case studies, to illustrate the software’s real-world impact. A dedicated support section would be created to address any user queries or issues promptly. Additionally, a comprehensive FAQ section and interactive demos could be included to help users understand the software better, promoting a seamless user experience.

Problem Definition

How might we redesign the Owner Insite website to provide an intuitive, seamless experience that effectively communicates the value of their construction management software, illustrates its key features, and addresses the unique needs of project owners and managers in the private and public sectors?

Project Process

Discovery . Ideation . Design . Dev Handoff . Reflection

Secondary Research & Competitors Analysis

For secondary research, I analyzed construction management industry reports and market trends. I examined online forums and social media to understand our users’ needs. I performed a competitor analysis, studying the website design and messaging of other construction management software providers. My research highlighted that many competitors had unclear messaging and complex navigation. This insight offered an opportunity to differentiate Owner Insite by emphasizing clear communication of its value proposition and offering an intuitive navigation structure, ensuring a superior user experience. This research helped me align our design choices with industry trends and user preferences.


Kick Off

In the research phase, I conducted an exhaustive analysis to understand our target audience and their needs better. This involved conducting interviews with potential users, reviewing feedback on the existing website, and studying competitors in the construction management software market. I also closely worked with Owner Insite to gain insights about their unique value proposition, features, and the messaging they wanted to convey. This stage was critical in building a solid foundation for the project, informing our design choices, and ensuring we were addressing real user needs.


In this project, my responsibilities included conducting market research, competitive analysis, persona creation, and user journey mapping. Leveraging my graphic design background, I developed a style guide and typography to ensure visual consistency. Additionally, I crafted a low-fidelity prototype to provide a tangible blueprint of the website’s structure and functionality. With these foundational pieces completed, I handed over my work to the design and development team, confident that my research and groundwork would guide them in creating a successful, user-centric website for Owner Insite.

Working as a Team

In this project, our team of four professionals collaborated seamlessly, leveraging various digital tools to maintain efficient communication and coordination. We held regular online meetings, which enabled us to share insights, discuss progress, address challenges, and ensure that each member was aligned with the project objectives and milestones.

Low-Fi Prototype

In my role, I created a responsive, low-fidelity prototype for the website. This involved mapping the basic structure and functionality, ensuring intuitive navigation and responsiveness across different devices. This prototype served as the blueprint for our design, providing a basis for initial user testing and feedback. The ideation phase allowed us to push creative boundaries and develop innovative solutions to the website design.