UI/UX Design

Intuitive Interfaces & Seamless User Experiences

This portfolio highlights my skill in designing and developing visually appealing, highly functional, and straightforward websites and applications. My commitment to learning about and catering to users’ individual habits and preferences shines through in every one of my completed projects.


Project: Owner InSite UX/UI
Role: UX/UI Designer
The Owner Insite website will be redesigned for a more user-friendly experience, promoting its construction management software through major features, client testimonials, and interactive demos. For immediate assistance, a dedicated support section will be added. The goal is to make the online experience easier for project owners and managers in both the public and private sectors.

User Research: Conducted interviews, surveys, and usability tests with users to learn about their needs and pain points as project owners and managers in both the public and private sectors.
Information architecture: Made wireframes, user flows, and sitemaps to show how the new website will be set up.
Prototyping: Made high-fidelity, interactive mockups for early testing and validation, taking into account user feedback.
Visual Design: Set the visual language, including typography, color scheme, and user interface (UI) features, to match the brand and make the site easier to use.
Content strategy: I worked with the content team to add interesting things like case studies, comments from clients, and interactive demos.
User Testing: We did A/B tests and heatmap analysis to improve design decisions and make it easier for users to interact with the website.
Collaboration: Worked closely with developers to make sure that design elements were implemented smoothly by giving them thorough design specs and guidelines.

Key Achievements
User interaction: In the first month after launch, user interaction metrics went up by 40%.
Conversion Rate: We increased conversion rates by 25% by improving our call-to-action plan and making it easier for people to see what’s important.
User happiness: User happiness scores went up by 30%, based on surveys taken after interactions.
Page Load Time: We worked with developers to optimize files, which cut the average time it takes to load a page by 20%.
Support Queries: A more user-friendly design and stronger support area have cut support queries by 15%.
Tools & Technologies
Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator


Project: UX/UI Design Experience
Role: UX/UI Designer & Team Collaborator
As a key member of the UX/UI and development teams, I specialized in creating visually captivating designs that not only elevated the brand’s identity but also enhanced the user experience. My role was a blend of artistry, technical skill, and close collaboration.

Visual Design: Crafted high-quality graphics and visual elements that aligned with the brand’s messaging and aesthetic guidelines.
Team Collaboration: Worked closely with UX/UI designers and developers to ensure a cohesive and functional design across all platforms.
Detail-Oriented Execution: Paid meticulous attention to detail in all design elements, ensuring pixel-perfect execution.

Key Achievements
Brand Enhancement: Successfully conveyed the brand’s message through effective visual designs, contributing to a 20% increase in user engagement.
Aesthetic Improvement: Revamped the overall look and feel of the user interface, resulting in a 50% improvement in user satisfaction scores.
Efficient Collaboration: Fostered a collaborative environment that sped up the design process by 30%, without compromising on quality.

Tools & Technologies
Adobe XD, Photoshop, Figma, HTML/CSS


Project: UX/UI Design Experience
Role: UX/UI Designer

At Corvalent, I was entrusted with the critical task of optimizing the user interface and experience for the company’s website, www.corvalent.com. Through data-driven analysis, team collaboration, and strategic design changes, I was able to significantly increase user engagement and reduce bounce rates.

Data Analysis: Conducted a thorough review of user metrics and feedback to pinpoint areas requiring improvement.
Team Collaboration: Collaborated closely with developers, stakeholders, and other team members to align on design objectives and strategies.
Design Changes: Spearheaded key design changes, including visual enhancements, simplified navigation, and mobile responsiveness.

Key Achievements
User Engagement: Successfully implemented design changes that led to a notable increase in user engagement on the website.
Reduced Bounce Rates: Achieved a significant reduction in bounce rates, enhancing the overall user experience and satisfaction.
Mobile Responsiveness: Ensured that the website was fully optimized for mobile users, leading to an increase in mobile traffic and engagement.

Tools & Technologies
Google Analytics, Adobe XD, Figma


Project: Crafting User-Friendly & Visually Appealing Interfaces
Role: Visual Designer & UI Developer

Combining expertise in both visual design and UI development, I have crafted interfaces that excel in aesthetics and user-friendliness. My approach has always been user-centric, aiming to create platforms that are not only visually appealing but also efficient and enjoyable to interact with.

Visual Design: Utilized my expertise in visual aesthetics to design interfaces that are both functional and eye-catching.
UI Development: Employed a variety of coding and design tools to build a seamless and efficient user interface.
User-Centric Approach: Prioritized user needs and feedback to deliver an intuitive and enjoyable experience.

Key Achievements
Enhanced User Engagement: My visual design contributions led to a significant increase in user engagement, as measured by key performance indicators.
Simplified User Navigation: Through thoughtful UI development, I was able to simplify navigation, leading to increased platform efficiency and reduced user friction.
Elevated User Satisfaction: My user-centric approach resulted in higher levels of user satisfaction and interaction on the platform.

Tools & Technologies
Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, XD) Figma